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Prescription Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are not limited to illegal narcotics like heroin, cocaine or ecstasy (molly or MDMA); an individual can also be charged for illegal possession of prescription drug crimes in Illinois.

Drugs like like xanax, percocet, OxyContin (oxy), fentanyl, codeine or benzodiazipines (benzos) may be prescribed, but often are just as popular as street drugs. Felony criminal charges apply nonetheless both for possession or for selling or unlawful distribution. 

Types of prescription offenses

Prescription drug crimes can result in serious consequences, but a skilled attorney from our Chicago-based firm can often lessen the charges or help the defendant avoid jail time completely in lieu of a drug rehabilitation program. Many people are charged with drug offenses after they are caught doctor shopping.

Doctor shopping involves visiting a number of doctors to obtain more prescriptions without the physicians' knowledge, and then filling these prescriptions at a variety of pharmacies to avoid suspicion.

Another prescription drug offense involves filling a fraudulently gained or forged prescription at a pharmacy. The pharmacist may report the patient if they have reason to suspect the prescription is invalid. Without the counsel of a seasoned legal team, the defendant could be convicted and sentenced to up to 5 years in a state prison.

Get the representation you need

If you are facing prescription drug charges, our team is prepared and capable to help you defend your case. With over 100 years of criminal defense experience, our skilled Chicago criminal lawyers at Fagan, Fagan & Davis have the knowledge and determination necessary to help you challenge these charges and fight for your future.

We will tirelessly protect your rights and call for evidence to be thrown out if it was gathered from an illegal search and seizure. We understand the shame and pain that is caused by Illinois prescription drug crimes, but you do not have to face your proceedings alone. Allow our team to provide your case with the support and aggressive representation necessary to fight for your freedoms.

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