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Armed Robbery

Robbery is a felony crime in which the defendant takes or attempts to take the property of another from their person or presence, and this charge is increased if a weapon was involved in the commission of the theft. Under Illinois law, a person could be charged with armed robbery if, during the commission of the alleged theft, the defendant used or threatened to use a dangerous weapon. The weapon does not necessarily have to be a firearm, but it does have to be a weapon capable of inflicting bodily harm and be foreign to the crime scene.

Armed robbery is a Class X felony that carries a mandatory sentence of 6 to 60 years in prison. Under Illinois State Law, there is no possibility of probation for a person convicted of a Class X felony. Under certain circumstances, a conviction for a Class X felony can carry a prison sentence that can be extended by 30 to 60 years in prison.

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