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Violent Crime Charges

In Illinois criminal law, violent crime involve threats or use of force, and may involve the use of a weapon in the commission of the crime. For example, robbery is a violent theft crime using force or threat of force to take another's property. Assault is a violent crime in Illinois that involves attempting or threatening violence or bodily injury on another person.

Effects of Conviction

If you are found guilty of committing a violent offense, your personal liberties could be strictly limited, and your future could be severely affected. Some of the possible penalties include:

  • Heavy fines
  • Long-term or even lifelong incarceration in a state penitentiary
  • Possible registration as a sexual offender, if convicted of a sex crime
  • Extreme impact upon your reputation and criminal record, which can have influence your relationships, ability to obtain employment, and limit your housing options
  • Illinois criminal sentencing provisions may require harsher time calculations for jail or prison sentences for violent crimes

Choose Comprehensive Representation

At Fagan, Fagan & Davis you can count on our extensive legal knowledge and unyielding commitment to our clients' rights. Combined, our Chicago criminal defense attorneys have over 100 years of experience and knowledge to put toward your defense. Although one attorney will take the lead, we work as a team to develop a legal strategy that will be all the more effective in the face of your violent crime charges. Allow us to look over your unique case and determine exactly what we can do to best assist you.

Regardless of the particular offense, criminal charges involving virtually any type of violent crime are extremely serious. It is crucial that you consider consulting a Chicago criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your rights and your freedom will be on the line, particularly because the criminal penalties for a violent crime conviction in Illinois are so severe. Do not risk your future; you should be confident that your attorney is ready to aggressively advocate for your freedom.

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