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Practical impacts of DUI in Illinois

The affect of an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Illinois does not end with the conclusion of legal proceedings in the courtroom. There can be lasting consequences regarding employment and education opportunities.

Even a sentence of probation can have an affect on the willingness of an employer to hire you. Colleges may have similar reservations. Before you enter decide on a legal course of action regarding a DUI charge, you should review your employment status and future plans with the attorneys at Fagan, Fagan & Davis. They focus on Illinois legal defense including driving under the influence (DUI) at courthouses in Cook County, Lake County and DuPage County.

Consequences on your employment options

Some employers will not or cannot hire persons who have a prior DUI conviction. A DUI conviction can be perceived as evidence that you are a safety risk when driving or operating equipment. The primary concern is that should you end up hurting someone, the company could become involved in legal proceedings for knowingly hiring a person who may be a liability risk to others. Other employers may be influenced by their insurance companies, which could increase the rates charged the employer. It's a similar situation to when your auto insurance company increased the rates they charged you following your DUI arrest.

Persons holding a plumbing license, law license or nursing license may require that you report any criminal arrests or convictions, including DUIs. Some agencies will allow you to keep your license, but may revoke or suspend your license for failing to report a DUI arrest or conviction.

Affects on your educational opportunities

Many colleges will require you to list any criminal convictions or arrests on your application, including DUI offenses. Multiple DUI arrests and convictions may result in some universities denying you admission. With only have one DUI conviction, you may be admitted if you have completed or agree to complete a drug and alcohol counseling program. While some schools will not deny you admission for having a DUI arrest or a DUI conviction, your failure to disclose the arrest or conviction on your application may be considered to be falsifying your application under the admission policies of the university.

After you have already been admitted to a college or university you may be required to report any arrests within a specific number of days. Failure to report may result in your suspension from school. Multiple arrests for DUI may result in a decision by the college to temporarily or permanently suspend your status as a student. A temporary suspension can affect any financial aid that you have been awarded.

Affects on financial aid and scholarships

Many federal programs will not award financial aid to individuals who have felony DUI convictions. Requirements for private scholarships or financial aid programs will depend on the rules set by the organization that runs the program. Some will only be concerned with felony convictions. However, others will ask if you have ever been arrested or convicted of any offense, including DUIs. Some scholarships are available for individuals who have had convictions and are trying to rekindle their career options.

Affects on specialized career paths

If you are considering going to college for a nursing or law license, you may not be able to obtain a license from the state agency that handles the issuance of such licenses if you have a DUI felony conviction or numerous misdemeanor DUI convictions. If the college knows that you will never qualify to obtain a license, they may refuse to accept you into their program. Pilots have to know the reporting requirements to the FAA and for their medical forms for those holding any classification over a sport pilots license. The possible consequences are wide-ranging and significant. 

The attorneys at Fagan, Fagan & Davis have defended countless clients against DUI charges throughout the Chicago area courts, including those located in Cook County, DuPage County and Lake County. The attorneys at Fagan, Fagan & Davis understand which defense strategies are the most effective in court and how to challenge evidence gathered by law enforcement and offered by the prosecution. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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