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About Embezzlement

Embezzlement is defined as fraudulently or dishonestly taking money or other property from another person or company where relationship of trust existed and served to facilitate the theft. In many cases, the person charged with misappropriating funds for their own personal gain is a manager, accountant, trustee or other person in a position within a company or organization with access to the group's financials.

Understanding the Charges

Embezzling may be done on a large scale, such as when an accountant changes numbers in his company's books for his own financial gain or it may be done on a smaller scale, such as when a store employee takes goods or products from the store. Given that it is non-violent and generally occurs in a corporate setting, embezzlement is considered to be a white collar crime. Although white collar crimes may not seem as dangerous or harmful as violent crimes, they often wreak havoc on businesses and on the American economy as a whole.

Often a person can be accused of this crime when discrepancies are discovered in the company's accounting records, simply because they had access to the funds. Due to the recent high-profile embezzlement and other white collar cases, courts and law enforcement officers are treating these cases more seriously and the prosecution has become more diligent in its investigations and in some circumstances, the FBI may take over the case. In order to protect your future, it is important that your legal team is well-practiced in these cases and has successfully secured favorable outcomes for past clients.

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