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Illinois DUI - The Workplace and Professional Licensing

The immediate effects of a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in Illinois are generally well known: a loss of driving privileges, jail time, fines, probation, alcohol and drug classes and treatment, community service, the installation of an ignition interlock device or alcohol home monitoring unit, and increased insurance costs.

Illinois DUI - The Workplace and Professionals

The long-term effects of an arrest and conviction for an Illinois DUI are not so apparent until they become a reality. This is espescially true in the workplace and for professionals.

Your current job and DUI

An immediate long-term effect of a DUI is whether you will be able to keeping your job, If that job involves driving, you may find yourself unemployed when your employer finds that your driving record has been tarnished. Some employers require a valid Driver's License as a general term of employment, or to hold a specific job. A review of employment contract or more likely an employment manual is sometimes wise.

Future employment and DUI

An Illinois DUI conviction or even supervision on your permanent criminal record may affect future employment opportunities. A first-time DUI arrest with no other criminal record may limit your ability to compete for certain jobs. It has become routine or many employers to conduct criminal background checks prior to hiring a new employee. When prospective employers discover a DUI on your record the result can be embarrassing and may affect a hiring decision regarding a new employee. In some hiring situations, it may be the only distinguishing factor an employer has to consider, and not a favorable one, if you've made the short list.

Professional Licensing

A DUI conviction may make it difficult if your profession involves professional or state licensing or certification. Occupations that include state licensing or certifications include drivers, teachers, doctors and attorneys. Disciplinary actions taken by the Illinois Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) are a clear reminder as to how a DUI arrest can affect persons trying to maintain professional licensing. Illinois Supreme Court Supreme Rule 761(a) requires an attorney admitted to practice in Illinois who is convicted in any court of any felony or misdemeanor to notify the ARDC Administrator of the conviction in writing within 30 days of the entry of the judgment of conviction. Failure by an Illinois attorney to notify ARDC of a DUI arrest that resulted in a conviction for reckless driving resulted in his disbarment.

In one case, a chiropractor who was found guilty of DUI and attempted obstruction of justice, both misdemeanors, had his license to practice in Illinois indefinitely suspended for a minimum of three years (this administrative action was appealed).

Nurses and Doctors who may have access to narcotics are also in for further scrutiny, and may have to self report to the IDPFR and Illinois Medical Licensing Board.  

Personal reputation

Your personal life may become complicated. You may have to deal with upset spouses, family members and friends, who may lose some trust in your ability to be responsible and to make smart decisions. A common question we discuss with clients is how to deal with the installation and use of a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) for purposes of a permit and questions from their children. A DUI conviction can affect the way that people view you. Regardless of your circumstances, some people may simply jump to the conclusion that you have a problem with alcohol.

A felony DUI conviction can result in you losing several personal liberties, such as your right to vote or purchase a firearm. Any future government assistance, including federal housing may be lost, as well. And, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you may face deportation.

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