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    Illinois Criminal and DUI charges are scary, and some people think little or nothing can be done once arrested. Not so. Our experienced attorneys have helped people in the Chicago area get better results than they ever thought possible – we’ve been doing it since 1980, and we can help you.

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    Criminal and DUI lawyers in Illinois often practice alone. Our law firm is different. One dedicated trial lawyer heads up your defense, with support from our skillful and experienced team, resulting in the most effective Illinois criminal, DUI and traffic lawyers in the Chicago area.

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Illinois criminal, DUI and traffic defense lawyers Fagan, Fagan & Davis have helped people accused of felony or misdemeanor criminal offenses for over four decades. Get the best criminal defense lawyers in the Chicago area on your team, whatever you face - call the same phone number our clients have been calling since 1980 and find out why our clients call what we do LawyerMagic™.

Illinois Criminal Defense Lawyers

If accused in the Chicago area, you need the most skilled and experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney possible on your side - lawyers that can provide both sound, impartial advice and excellent trial skills. The potential consequences are life-changing and far reaching. Illinois prosecutors are aggressive, and have extensive resources at their disposal. For example, the Cook County State's Attorney has over 900 attorneys, investigators and staff available. Illinois prosecutes people every day for violations ranging from retail theft, gun charges (UUW), aggravated speeding, domestic battery, DUI or drunk driving, possession of controlled substances, criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, possession of child pornography, aggravated battery and countless other criminal offenses.

Whether you face misdemeanor or felony, criminal or DUI in Cook county, Lake County or DuPage county, we can aggressively protect your rights at all times and give you options you never thought you had.

You can start getting answers to your questions about Chicago area criminal defense and DUI defense right now by watching our Illinois Criminal and DUI lawyer Video FAQ answering common questions, and then contact us immediately for top quality representation.

We can also help clear your criminal record by petitioning the Court to expunge or seal your Illinois criminal record.

Why choose our Criminal Defense law firm?

It's about you, not us. Yes, we do a great job for our clients and take great pride in our work over decades in Chicago area trial courtrooms. Yes, we have more than 100 years of combined legal experienced. Yes, we regularly exceed our client's expectations, and often achieve unexpected success based on our experience and extensive training. And yes, this is all we do. We can help you get the best representation for real estate matters, personal injury or divorce, but we don't do that here. We know the very best of those attorneys that do.

We defend people's freedom, and that's all. Our whole law firm. Devoted to defending you.

The truth is, our practice is focused on you - working to achieve your goals, make sure you are cared for and that your problems are resolved with an eye towards dealing with the consequences that keep you up at night.  Our defense is enhanced by our team approach, with each attorney in our law firm bringing his own unique insight, experience, and expert opinion to the table for your benefit, while one experienced criminal defense lawyer bears primary responsibility as the lead trial attorney in your case. We believe that working as a team of dedicated attorneys is the most effective to way to meet our client's objectives. We live to hear the words "not guilty", but with every case, we tailor our approach carefully to meet the needs of our clients. After all, in our office, your needs and objectives come first. Even better, we have a first rate in-office staff that is friendly, knowledgable and helpful.

Examples of Misdemeanor and Felony Charges we have experience defending

Our law firm has years of trial court experience defending clients against a vast array of charges. These include DUI, Theft, drug crimes such as possession of a controlled substance or more serious accusations of possession with intent to deliver, drug trafficking, battery, domestic violence, retail theft or shoplifting, sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, burglary, armed robbery and more. We understand the feeling of shame and devastation, and we are determined to help clients protect their futures and maintain their dignity. That's why we don't send 'jail mail' or solicitation mail like other law firms.

We also provide clients with powerful felony defense including violent crimes like murder or misdemeanor defense for traffic ticket offenses, to use forensic knowledge to defend breath and blood tests in DUI cases or DNA in sex crimes, and have experience defending white collar and internet crimes as well such as identity theft or embezzlement, or even child pornography charges.

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

A conviction for virtually any criminal offense, whether classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, may have disastrous effects. Depending on the particular offense, a defendant may face imprisonment in a county or state correctional facility, heavy fines, restitution to the victim, probation, community service, driver's license suspension, court-ordered counseling, drug or alcohol treatment, sex offender registration, and possibly more. These penalties alone can result in financial ruin, an irreparably damaged reputation and years spent away from friends and family.

A defendant convicted of a criminal offense also faces a difficult future due to his or her criminal record. Finding and maintaining employment is a challenge, and a criminal record may also limit housing and financial opportunities, as well as interfere with basic civil rights such as the right to vote, own or legally possess a firearm, and even may require lifetime registration as a sex offender.

When do I need a Chicago criminal attorney?

Wondering when to involve an attorney in your situation? Yesterday. If you think you might need an attorney, you probably already do. Most people who contact our firm seeking legal advice need representation immediately. It does not matter whether you have already been arrested and/or charged with a criminal offense, your rights and freedom are in jeopardy from the moment you are accused of a crime and law enforcement becomes involved in any way. In some cases, it is even possible to head off the involvement of law enforcement. Although law enforcement may have simply contacted you to request an "interview" for "questioning", it is important to recognize that you are likely already a suspect. Exercise your right to remain silent and to consult a legal professional.

While it's best to get an Illinois criminal defense attorney involved immediately, a lawyer can help at any point in the criminal process to protect your Constitutional rights.

If you have been accused or charged with committing a crime, please don't put your rights and liberties at risk of being taken away. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the first step you can take to protect your rights and fight for your freedom. What are you waiting for? Call on us for powerful representation today.

Our firm also appears in area Chicago DUI and Chicago Criminal courts including arrests in Maywood, Waukegan, Wheaton, Mundelein, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Niles, Rolling Meadows, SchaumburgSkokie and more.

Where do we appear in court?

Our Des Plaines location is strategically located minutes from I-294, Edens expressway and I-355. We regularly appear for Illinois Criminal defense, DUI defense and Traffic violations throughout Cook, Lake and DuPage county courts, including all of Chicago, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Bridgeview, Markham, Maywood, Waukegan, Wheaton and more.