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Illinois DUI Suspension with Prior DUI

How long is a DUI Suspension in Illinois if you had a prior DUI arrest?

Arrest for DUI or drunk driving in Chicago typically results in a statutory summary suspension of a drivers license. How long your driver's license is to be suspended is not immediately clear to most people under Illinois DUI law.

The answer depends on how long ago your prior DUI was, and whether you took the breath blood or urine tests offered or you refused the testing. For purposes of suspension only, not the criminal case, DUI arrests occurring within the past five years count. DUI charges from farther back don't. For cases where your prior DUI was more than five years ago, watch our video How long is my Illinois DUI suspension if this is my first DUI?.

A 0.08 or greater breath alcohol test, or blood or urine revealing a 0.08 blood alcohol or higher, the presence of cannabis or methamphetamine means a twelve month statutory summary suspension. Refusal to submit to any single test offered triggers a three year suspension. If you face a DUI suspension and had a prior within five years, you need to know that no driving permit is available under current Illinois law. For most people, the prospect of a twelve or 36 month loss of driving privileges can mean the loss of their job or employment opportunities, affect personal relationships, and interfere with the ability to fulfill daily responsibilities as simple as shopping for food.

We can challenge the suspension, and give you a chance to reclaim your life. Watch the video, then contact us to discuss how we can help.

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