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Blood Alcohol Testing in Illinois

About DUI Blood Tests in Illinois

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and submitted to blood alcohol testing? Do you have questions regarding your case or your possible penalties? An Illinois DUI lawyer familiar with the local courts in Cook, Lake and DuPage counties and the sophisticated issues surround phlebotomy and blood alcohol analysis can provide the help you need even if you feel helpless.

Why a Blood Test?

After a DUI arrest in Illinois, police officers are trained to request chemical testing, and that can include a breath test, blood test, urine test, or any combination. Refusal of any one chemical test for DUI in Illinois typically results in a lengthy driver's license suspension that may last up to three years. The good news is that the skilled Illinois DUI lawyers at Fagan, Fagan & Davis have decades of experience challenging driver's license suspensions and DUI charges in cases where our clients have taken the breath blood or urine tests, and in cases where tests were refused, and if you call us now, we'll be happy to discuss how we can work towards challenging your statutory summary suspension, and your DUI.

Breath testing is the most commonly used method of obtaining an estimate of your blood alcohol. It is used because it is the most convenient and lest time-consuming test the officer can use. But it is not the most reliable test available, nor can the breath alcohol testing devices in use in Illinois detect drugs, either legal or illegal. Blood testing for DUI is typically conducted at a hospital. However, some police departments have begun to build clinical facilities within their stations they believe are suitable for drawing blood, or phlebotomy.

A nurse or phlebotomist draws the blood into tubes, the tubes are then marked as evidence, stored, then transported to a crime laboratory in Illinois for testing. Blood is then tested at a lab using a process called gas chromatography, and the results are then analyzed and a report is sent back to the police department for use by the prosecution in your DUI. As you may be beginning to suspect by the steps in this process, there are many areas of possible challenge that a good Illinois DUI attorney can explore. Call us now to discuss how we can help, or fill out the form on this page and we'll contact you.

Understanding How Your Blood Alcohol Test Effects Your DUI

Let's be honest. The police want a breath, blood or alcohol test because it makes it easy. Most people when confronted with a blood test showing a blood alcohol result or the presence of illegal drugs simply give up. Sadly, most lawyers give up too, even if there may be reasons to challenge those results. Challenging Illinois DUI blood tests is not easy, but if your attorney knows where to look and how to challenge the forensic evidence, it can be done. If you have been accused of driving under the influence, you need to seek immediate legal representation.

Fight Your DUI

With over one hundred years of combined DUI defense experience, Fagan Fagan & Davis is widely considered to be among the best DUI defense firms in the state, and enjoys a national reputation, defending clients referred by lawyers from every state and several foreign countries. We serve clients throughout the Chicago area including all of Cook county, DuPage county and Lake county Illinois. Far too often, people operate under the false belief that taking a blood test in a DUI means you have no chance to win. That isn't so. Let us put our successes in court, our experience and our reputation on your side. Call us now for a free consultation.

Where do we appear in court?

We regularly appear for Illinois Criminal defense, DUI defense and Traffic violations throughout the Chicago area including Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane and Will county courts, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Bridgeview, Markham, Maywood, Waukegan, Wheaton, Naperville, Elgin, St. Charles and more.