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Law Day with Cook County Judge John White

Posted by Joseph M. Fagan | May 01, 2017 | 1 Comment

Do y'all remember Judge John White? He was the judge who made it a point to remind us all that our courts function to protect our constitutional rights.

I'll share another memory of Judge White.

It was a beautiful morning, early spring, a misdemeanor criminal court call in a Cook County suburb of Chicago. In the courtroom are 50 or 60 defendants, their companions, some witnesses, cops, 2 or 3 prosecutors, a public defender and several private lawyers.

Court is called to order, and Judge White takes the bench, making his usual remarks. It's showtime, and the call is about to begin. But not on this day. Not just yet.

Judge White holds forth:

Ladies and Gentlmen, today is May 1. For much of history, May Day was a celebration of springtime. In the communist world, particularly behind the Iron Curtain, May Day was chosen to be “International Worker's Day”, a day not in celebration of the season, but a day to recall the Soviet revolution which resulted in the enslavement of millions under a totalitarian regime where law was a weapon to be used at the whim of the government. Here in the United States, May 1 is officially recognized as Law Day, a day to honor the rule of law as the foundation of our society and the freedom and rights we all enjoy. I see that we have several lawyers present in the court this morning, and I'm sure that they have reflected on this Law Day and its significance. I'm also sure that they would like to share their thoughts on the occasion. Mr. Fagan, let's start with you!

Um.....thanks, your honor, Thanks indeed.

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Joseph M. Fagan

Joseph M. Fagan was admitted to practice in Illinois in 1969; Florida in 1975. He is now retired from active practice, but still acts as a mentor to the attorneys of the law firm.


Alandbusch Reply

Posted May 01, 2017 at 07:57:07

A friend and occasional client, Joe Fegan is the very personification of ‘integrity.’ It was also my good fortune to have known his father, Mr. Dan Fegan, a tzadik-a righteous man.

Alan D. Busch

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