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DUI isn't going to stop him from being a doctor

A recent 5 star Google Chicago DUI review

When people say, "this is the best lawyer," they base that on the fact that the lawyer helped the individual beat a case or that the lawyer is a friend or family member. When I say Mr. Steven Fagan and his associates are the best lawyers, I have proof.

At 21 years of age, I was pulled over for a DUI, blew a 1.2, and was charged with a DUI, possession of marijuana, and 4 other traffic related violations. I was already accepted into medical school and was planning on attending that fall, however, my entire career was on the line.

That entire week I called and met with over 20 different lawyers near me and in the city of Chicago. Everyone told me relatively the same thing, except Mr. Fagan told me that there was one law that allowed individuals under 25 to have their DUI reduced to reckless driving which can be EXPUNGED! I thought in my head, "Wow, really? Why did no other lawyers tell me about that? This guy must not know what hes talking about."

I proceeded to meet with another lawyer. The lawyer was unaware of the law but asked me who had told me that I could potentially have this DUI expunged. I told the lawyer that Mr. Steven Fagan had told me. Immediately the lawyer says, "Oh, I know Mr. Fagan, and if he told you that it must be true."

Right away I knew I had come across the right lawyer to handle my case. In conclusion, Mr. Fagan reduced the DUI charge to a reckless driving, got the possession ticket thrown out and all of the traffic violations dropped. The judge specifically told me that he has not seen such a deal in a long time, indicating to me that Mr. Fagan has good connections with the prosecutors and judges as well as superb writing skills to convince the prosecutor to give me this deal.

This was everything to me because it protected my entire life's work and career. As part of the deal, I was put on 1 year driving supervision and community service. Unfortunately, 4 months later I get pulled over and get a ticket for an improper left turn. "There goes my deal and everything Mr. Fagan and I worked for," I thought. Fortunately, I called Mr. Fagan, and he got the ticket dismissed and made sure that the deal I had continued.

Overall, Mr. Fagan and his associates are the most knowledge, friendly, and professional individuals I have met. I never see myself having to talk to any other lawyers now that I know who can take care of me best. For people who can't afford to loose a case, Fagan, Fagan, & Davis are the right lawyers for you.

– Andy Williams

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